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The Walk for Cultural Change is primarily aimed at fundraising for the establishment of the new entity called United Proactive Artists. This entity is going to be mainly managed by artists with the following objectives:

  • To unite and create employment for cultural practitioners in all disciplines and spheres of the arts i.e. through raising sponsorships from the public sector and the private sector, both internationally and locally

  • To support financially artists who are unable to work as a result of old age, disability and illness

  • To fight for the rights of artists as cultural workers and guard against their exploitation

  • To distribute funds to disadvantaged artists or cultural entities nationally

  • To rehabilitate and assist artists from abusing toxic substances e.g. drugs, alcohol, etc., etc.

  • To establish multimedia school that will be accessible to all disadvantaged yet talented students

  • To ensure regular employment by organizing artists’ own cultural events e.g. music concerts, film screenings, theatrical shows, poetry performance, etc., etc.

  •  To act as security in case artists need to make a loan, purchasing a car, purchasing a house, property, etc., etc.

  • To create a burial scheme for artists

  • To conduct regular business skills workshops for artists in order that they obtain and develop better understanding of show business e.g. the signing of contracts, money saving options, co-op or individual investments



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